Meet the Mercs

Tommy Sunshine Bliss – a guff anthromorphic unicorn mercenary from Dimension 719. Going only by the name Tom, he loathes his home dimension calling it a cesspit of lies where it is a constant fight for survival. When considering his dimension it reveals it’s a land of happiness, sunshine and rainbows but he relents that it is actually a den of evil where bad leaders wage horrible wars and commit acts of genocide. He was drafted into the military at a young age to deal with the constant conflicts, he hardened up after years upon years of combat. He’s a pretty stoic unicorn at this point preferring to solve everything in a quick, efficient and professional manner.

Artie Artillery – a toon from Dimension 839 (the cartoon universe) and Tom’s closest friend in their dangerous line of work. Artie used to have his own show back in his home dimension but was swiftly cancelled due to the overly reliance on violent gags and methods. He lost everything after his show was cancelled leaving only his multitude of unused weaponry and props to which he decided to put to good use in the mercenary business. Compared to Tom, he is somewhat more willing to take matters into a more explosive solution but at the same time he will hear his friend out if the idea might not be the best resolution.