Our stoic, disciplined Unicorn with the sparkly hair! Tom is the straight man of the duo usually doing the talking when they're with clients or when a deal needs to be made. Straight-laced with a dry sense of humor, he approaches situations with a strategic mindset preferring to have all the information before diving in.

Comics: 168
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 5 - 25
First Appearance: ISSUE 0 COVER


The cartoon wildcard! Artie is zany and a rabbit/cat of action preferring to let his fists, teeth, legs, bats, guns, bombs and whatever he's got do the talking for him. He's spontaneous with a short fuse willing to crack jokes then skulls seconds apart from eachother.

Comics: 167
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 5 - 25
First Appearance: ISSUE 0 COVER


An avian mercenary with an ego the size of a planet, Sylvia was raised to be the best by her overbearing father and while skilled her cockiness can be her undoing. She's self-absorbed usually only preferring to help if it satisfies her wallet, ego or both but with some mental gymnastics (mostly by challenging her) one could get her to agree to even the craziest of circumstances.

Comics: 33
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 5 - 25
First Appearance: LAST MEAL - 1


A cultured warrior Pegasus with a temper, Ether is a merc from an upper class background who preferred to be a mare of action just like the protagonists of her favorite novels. She jumped into a life of adventure and sword slinging to escape from the boring posh lifestyle that surrounded her at home. Though traits of said lifestyle are still ingrained in her like the love of literature, fine dining, lavish furniture and a slight detest for things 'low-class' activities such as gambling.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: DIRTY WORK - 4
First Appearance: VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL - 1


The jovial slime monster owner of Bolt Reaction, he gained sentience after eons of being on that rock alone (and eating whatever came close that popped into the void) and opened the bar to attract clients to converse with. Mizoon is very cheery and friendly but can put his slimy foot down when things get too heated. A bar full of trigger happy mercs tends to get rowdy so he knows a quick threat of being eaten is enough to put them all in line.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 20
First Appearance: ISSUE 0 - 01


A male pterodactyl who's a smooth-talking ladies man, Disco-Dactyl lives the fast life being quick with his words as he is with his gun. A more relaxed merc who follows the idea of 'work smart, not hard' preferring to analyze a situation fully and going the path of least resistance/effort. Some would call him lazy while others say he's incredibly practical as he's barely spending money on replenishing ammo as he's rarely gotta draw his gun while on the job.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 15
First Appearance: ISSUE 0 - 07


A female program who knows she's the smartest person in the room. Ailley the main hacker at Bolt Reaction that the mercs go to if they need something a server hacked, someone's digital brain picked or even a punch-card read. She'll do it at all long as you've got the money to pay for it, her services don't come cheap. A small two-handed nature as she's always looking for a way to extort more profit out of her clients either through asking for a 'fast track fee' to some of her work or even blackmail.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 15
First Appearance: ISSUE 0 - 07


A male human from Dimension-1401 who's a professional but also a family man, Eddie is already employed by LaughtyLand Corporate (a Disney-esque corporation in his home dimension) who hire him out as a wetworks operative working for the corporation and it's allies interests. He also shills his company as much as he can to help spread their influence across the multi-dimensional space, he gets paid very well for his jobs with a high fixed salary.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 15
First Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 1


A plant barmaid with a smile worth a fortune, Deidre is recent hire at Bolt Reaction to help Mizoon tend to the tables and keep the rowdy patrons in line. Carries a friendly demeanor but can be stern when someone gets too mouthy (or handsy) with a set of razor-sharp teeth and tendrils that can squeeze the life out of anyone. It's still unknown why she was hired so suddenly but suspected that she's got a debt owed to someone.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 18
First Appearance: ISSUE 4 - 8